March 12, 2021
Stuff Kids Do
20 Secret Acronyms, Codes & Slang Your Kids Use Online to Keep You in the Dark.

Think you and your colleagues throw around a lot of acronyms in work meetings and Zoom calls? Chances are your CAL (company acronym list) pales in comparison to the number of acronyms, slang words and chat codes kids commonly use online. While most are harmless abbreviations and simply quicker to type than the full expression, there are plenty being used to keep parents in the dark about plans, behaviours and conversations.

While adolescent peer-to-peer communication is going to have, and be, its own form of  language, it’s important for parents to understand the lingo being shared so children can be supported and helped if any issues or risks arise.

Here’s a list of 20 acronyms kids are using online to keep things hidden from parents:

  1. 9 - Parent watching
  2. 99 - Parent gone
  3. afcpmgo - away from computer parents may go on
  4. bbp - banned by parents
  5. cd9 - Parents around/Code 9
  6. ctpc - Can’t talk parent(s) coming
  7. ctpos - can't talk parent over shoulder
  8. epa - emergency parent alert
  9. kpc- Keeping parents clueless
  10. mpaw - my parents are watching
  11. nb,p - nothing bad, parents
  12. pach - parents are coming home
  13. pal - Parents are listening
  14. p@w - Parents are watching
  15. pcrs - Parents can read slang
  16. pir - Parent in room
  17. pnhlgd - parents not home let's get dirty
  18. pos - Parent over shoulder
  19. pwoms - parent watching over my shoulder
  20. rentz - parents

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