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Below are some frequently asked questions.
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What is togetherAI?
How is togetherAI different from other mental health apps?
What do we mean by Wellbeing?
Who is the app for?
What regions is the app available in?
Do you work with professionals and health care experts (Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists)?
What devices and operating systems does the togetherAI app support?
How do we help children and their parents to be well?
Why do children need the togetherAI app?
What are some of the things parents and caregivers are looking for in the togetherAI app?
What support is offered?
How do I know that the app will provide my family with the right information?
What problem is togetherAI solving?
How do I join the togetherAI community?
Why am I required to verify my account? (U.S. Users)
What is a Child Pin Code?
Why do I need to provide my mobile number or email address to create my Family Account?
What information do I receive about my child?

Using the App

Does the app censor or limit access to social media?
How does my child use the app if they share my device and do not have one of their own?
Can I add my child's friends to the app?
What will the parent or caregiver get out of the app?
How does the app work?
What age child is the app most suitable for?
What if I change phones?
Can I add my child's teacher to the app?
How do I log out of togetherAI?
Is the togetherAI app available?
Is there a website app or web browser version of togetherAI?
What will the child get out of the app?
What information is required when I sign up?
Can I add my child's therapist/counsellor to the app?
What is Help on Demand?
What is a trained mental health support person?


Is the app free?


How do I reset a pin?
How do I update the together AI app?
Do you offer an API, and if so, what does it look like?
How is user data managed?
What if I change phone numbers?
My child can't read or write, is there a voice/audio version of the app?
Why does the app require email verification?
Why am I required to create a pin for each account?
How do I report an issue with the togetherAI app?
How does the togetherAI Companion work?


Do you have an Affiliate program?
What is the togetherAI mission?
Do you have a Partnership program?
Do you have a Referral program?
Do you have any jobs going / Are you hiring?
What are your company values?

Mental Health Services & Support Contacts

List of emergency telephone numbers
Canada - Mental Health Services Contact List
Australia - Mental Health Services Contact List
United States - Mental Health Services Contact List
New Zealand - Mental Health Services Contact List
United Kingdom - Mental Health Services Contact List