Empowering families to help their kids grow up safe, mentally healthy and well.

We use smart technology with wellbeing expertize to help parents and children understand thoughts, feelings and experiences, so they can connect better, communicate and resolve challenges, together.

Enabling the right conversations at the right time about mental health, wellness and wellbeing.

Our togetherAI Conversation Guides provide step-by-step support for life’s most important talks. You can initiate a guided chat at the tap-of-a-button or be prompted by the companion when it detects an issue.

Topics include anxiety, depression, happiness, sadness, anger management, boredom, attitude, responsibility, motivation, confidence, school, friendships, hygiene, sleep, nutrition, screen time, online safety, bullying and family values.

AI Companion

Kids create their own Companion, which will chat, listen and check-in on how they're feeling.

Insights Dashboard

Visibility into what your kids are thinking, feeling or experiencing, without invading their privacy

Chat for Familes

We have built messaging for families to help kids express themselves and guide the important conversations.

Personalized Wellbeing

Personalized wellbeing strategies, tips and conversation guides are shared with your family in real-time.

Why should your family join the togetherAI community?

We want to help you and your kids navigate the ups and downs of the growing up journey, together. Join a like-minded community of parents and caregivers, and help us build the best app for your family.

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